Collection of paintings by Scott Fishapw
insomnia passenger Ahura,Drinks,Jesus and jokes Future Warrior
consumed dream fostering loiter
Woodpecker highborn Sepulture Stars within my lungs.
gift cannary Bushwack a days reflection
Balloongod Kinship Alone reconciliation
In Your Honor Yearning Boxhead  Boxhead AutumnSeeps
Bending  Bending Aftermath, Carry It Home A Bad Evening  A Bad Evening The Night Swimmer
The Four Pillars Rockfish Smoke Swirling A Poem  Poem
Mother and Child Time The Fourth Horse The Floor And The Ceiling Sex, Drug and Marriage
In Memory Rabbit Histogenisis Land Of The Sun dark
The Garden The Gaurdian Playing in the Sunshine  Playing in the Sunshine Habituated  Habituated
Plants and Animals eat One Another Tree Elf Time and How We Choose To Swim The Well  The Well
The Thin Ice Of Love, Far Beyond Mention The Show pig eater The Hangingtree
Wood Duck Chuck, Here For A Good Time Clown At The Knees Of Cypress  Clown at the Knees of Cyprus Wonderful Things And My dog dies Wading  Wading
Unsimpathetic Overbite Unforeseen, The Lesson Getting Older You Breathe A Cold Reality Train
Quit Your Bitching And Riase Your Children once were Pale Apprehension My Grandmothers Bed
Morning  Morning Listen Softly To The Chatter Leaving  Leaving Bio